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APRIL 13, 2015

Kenko Tokina USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the specialized Tokina Cinema Hydrophilic filters or broadcast and cinema use. Tokina Cinema Hydrophilic filters have a coating layer that does not allow water to bead up like traditional filter coatings. If water cannot bead it simply flows evenly off the filter surface making for clear viewing and recording even in a steady rain.

Water-drops on glass are formed by surface tension and adhesion. Once the weight of the water is sufficient to overcome the strength of these two forces the water begins to flow. This can be seen every time water drops first “stick to” and then cascade down a window leaving a trail of water behind it when it rains.

The Tokina Cinema Hydrophilic coating does not allow surface adhesion so water drops cannot form. The coating Tokina Cinema Hydrophilic filters permanent and does not ever need to be reapplied, unlike over-the counter products that make a similar claim. The filter coating is “recharged” by UV light making it ideal for stationary weather cameras or other cameras that are being exposed to sunlight for several hours a day.*

In addition to the Hydrophilic coating this filter has exclusive chemically hardened clear optical glass that is 4x stronger than normal optical glass. This allows the Tokina Hydrophilic filter to give the lens unparalleled protection.

Tokina Cinema Hydrophilic filters come in standard broadcast sizes from 77MM to 127MM as well as square and rectangular.


Glass: Optical Clear Protector Glass

Coating: Multi-layer Proprietary Coating

Size Availability: 77MM, 82MM, 86MM, 95MM, 105MM, 112MM, 127MM, 4×4, 4×5.65

Retail Price: Starting at $405.00

Availability: April, 2015


Kenko Tokina USA, Inc. is the exclusive U. S. distributor for Tokina lenses, Hoya filters, Kenko photo accessories and SLIK camera support systems. Kenko Tokina USA provides marketing, sales, distribution, and technical/consumer service and support. Kenko Tokina is located in the original Surf City USA, Huntington Beach, CA and on the Web at


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