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High-Transparency Polarizing Film, More Light = Better Pictures

The Hoya HD2 Circular Polarizer filter uses a newly developed High Transparency (High-Trans) polarizing film that has 40% or 2/3 of a stop better light transmission than standard circular polarizers. This means more light entering the camera which translates to a greater selection of shutter speeds and apertures. The High-Trans polarizing film also has greater UV absorption properties enhancing scenic photography even more.

The exclusive Hoya HD2 16-layer multi-coating found in the UV and Protector is present on the HD2 Circular Polarizer. The top layer is especially hard coated and more durable making it scratch and stain resistant and water repellent.

Circular polarizing filters give scenic photography more punch by darkening blue skies so that white clouds and foliage have better contrast. Light rays become polarized when light reflects off a non-metallic surface such as glass. It also happens as light travels through the moisture and pollution in the atmosphere. A polarizing filter absorbs polarized light and helps remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass.

The HD2 series plus the EVO and NXT series filters are manufactured by Hoya exclusively for distribution in the United States of America.

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