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The toughest filters on the planet

Protect your optics, protect your investment

Hardened Optical Glass

Hoya developed a patented chemical process where the resulting optical glass is 4 times the strength of normal optical glass.

Industry leading Hard-Process 16 Layer Multi-Coating

Hardened optical glass is only the beginning of the HD2 series. Hoya created a hardened 16-layer multi-coating process, 8 layers on each side, which yields an industry leading average light transmission of 99.35%. This coating greatly reduces the chance of any light reflections off the surface of the glass.

The top layer is especially hard coated and more durable making it scratch & stain resistant so smudges like fingerprints are easy to clean off. The top layer is also water resistant so that water beads up and does not leave water spots like conventional filters.

HD2 Down to the Frame

HD2 series has ultra low-profile one-piece filter frames made form finely and precisely machined aluminum.

The Hoya HD2 series filters are manufactured to the same exceptional quality standards that most lens manufacturer pour into their best optics.

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